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Antron Pippen Highlights

Highlights for the WBA 2013 Season with the Upstate Heat

Put on your seat belt because you’re gonna see:

Awesome quickness, wingspan steals, atrocious ball handling,

reads the court, 3 point domineer

Loose ball retriever, assist admiral, hustling defender, free throw behemoth

Court leader, run-n-gun specialist, play maker, great in-post disher

Unstoppable, determined, passionate

Antron Pippen

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Pippen Leads Heat to WBA Championship

Antron Pippen, the starting guard for the Upstate Heat, has led his team to another WBA Championship. The Final game was played against the Rome Gladators, 107-92. The Heat was seated as the number one ranked team in the WBA league.

In the semi-finls, the Upstate Heat eliminated the number four ranked Atlanta Magic. The Rome Gladiators eliminated the Conyers Court Kings. This led to a heated battle for the 2013 Championship between the Upstate Heat and the Rome Gladiators.

Pippen’s post game statement was as such,”I thank God, my teammates, and Coach Daniel for a great season. We worked hard to make it happen. We had great assistance from the team GM (Horace Alexander), the team owner (Alex Garrick), and Ms Galloway in the front office. Many thanks to all of our fans and all others who contributed to this moment. It feels great!”

The Heat’s fans were ecstatic and quite happy to bring the Championship back to South Carolina. One fan stated, “We are so excited! Love watching the Heat play. My favorite part was when Pippen got the steal and went down and did a monster slam. Boy, that was exciting! The fans went wild”

Pippen and his teammates put up a total of 107 points to claim the title of 2013 Champs. Pippen, the son of former NBA star Scottie Pippen, was signed to the team this year to bring in a more polished offense, better and quicker ball movement and to add some quickness to the defensive end of the court. During the playoffs, Pippen’s personal best was 23 points, 10 assists, 8 rebounds, 4 steals, and a lot of controlled fancy ball handling.
Pippen was crowned as team MVP, while teammate Jeremy Price was honored with the title of WBA’s league MVP.

Congratulations to Antron Pippen and the Upstate Heat!…The new 2013 WBA Champs! Thanks for bringing home the gold!…Back to Back.

Pippen leads the Heat to Championship.

Pippen leads the Heat to Championship.

antron_championship_upstate heat

WBA’s Pippen and Price shine at Vegas Showcase

The southeastern’s WBA professional basketball league was represented in a recent Global Basketball showcase in Las Vegas, NV. The WBA’s shining stars in attendance were:

1. Jeremy Price Center
2. Antron Pippen Guard/SF
3. Erik Allen Guard
4. Maurice Bolden Forward
5. Jason Howard Guard
6. Marcus Johnson Forward
7. David Lawson Forward

The players competed against some of the best international players in the basketball world.
“This was a great chance to represent the WBA and to also showcase our skills. I never knew anything like this existed” stated Jeremy Price, center for the WBA’s Upstate Heat.
“I’m very excited to be here. I hope we all come away with some great experiences, and some great stats”, says Antron Pippen, who plays the position of guard for the Upstate Heat this season.
And some great stats were made. The duo’s best stats were:
Price 40 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists
Pippen 22 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block, 2 steals
Great job guys!
Now bring it back home and let’s finish this championship season on top again.
The stars are doing what they do best……shining.

For more information on the players or to make contact, go to contact page and also to view some of this season’s game footage.

Pippen was one of the 7 players chosen to represent the WBA at the 2013 Global Basketball Las Vegas Showcase

Pippen was one of the 7 players chosen to represent the WBA at the 2013 Global Basketball Las Vegas Showcase

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